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Location and management objective:

The Secondary Succession Catchment is nested within a property that also contains the native species plantation catchment.

Area: 6.5 hectares

History: Cattle had been removed from this catchment for approximately 1.5 years prior to acquisition of this property in December 2007. When cattle were present, grazing intensity was approximately 1.3 head per hectare.

Vegetation type: The vegetation of this catchment is dominated by species in the genera Bismia, Miconia and Conostegia.


Hydrology: Regular monitoring includes precipitation rain gage, and stream flow [level troll model 300]. In addition studies are overland flow.

Stream Flow – PDF

Vegetation: Annual monitoring of vegetation in two 0.5 ha plots.

Soil: physical characteristics of soil in relation to soil hydrology and nutrients in transects.

Water chemistry: grab samples (stream water, throughfall, overland flow, groundwater) are collected.