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Richard Cooke Joins ICAZ’s Committee of Honor

Richard Cooke
Richard Cooke inspects a site in central Panama. Photo by Sean Mattson.

Dr. Richard Cooke has been elected to join the International Council of Archaeozoology’s Committee of Honor! Established in 1971, ICAZ is the largest official organization of archaeozoologists (also known as zooarchaeologists) in the world. The Committee of Honor recognizes the achievements of individuals who have made significant contributions to the study of humans and animals in the past. Dr. Cooke has dedicated his career to investigating how ancient peoples of Panama and surrounding regions had developed unique hunting and fishing practices to survive in the tropics. He has also investigated the use of animals as symbols and in ancient stories and art of pre-Columbian societies. His wide-ranging explorations identified new species of catfish, extinct species of dwarf deer, identified possible animal taboos in ancient art, and explored how very early humans may have passed through the isthmus during the last Ice Age.

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