Episode 5

What were these reefs like thousands of years ago?  

A team of paleo scientists is traveling back in time to search for clues about the ocean’s past that may help us better prepare for the future of marine ecosystems.

Arte por Paulette Guardia.

How have tropical oceans endured periods of environmental change over centuries and millennia? Did the reef environment shift after the arrival of humans in the isthmus of Panama thousands of years ago? These are some of the questions that scientists in the O’Dea lab at the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute are hoping to answer by coring the ocean floor with six-meter-long aluminum pipes and then analyzing the contents extracted. In this episode we join the O’Dea lab in a coring expedition around Isla Iguana, a volcanic island in the Panamanian Pacific, and then back in the lab to explore some of their preliminary findings. For more information: stri.si.edu/biodiversa 


  • Host:
    Leila Nilipour
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    Leila Nilipour
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    Ana Endara
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    Leila Nilipour y Ana Endara
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    Leila Nilipour
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Special thanks to Linette Dutari, Lina González, Erin Blasco, Jorge Alemán, Juan Pérez and to all STRI colleagues for the support.



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Episode 5

What were these reefs like thousands of years ago? 

A team of paleo scientists is traveling back in time to search for clues about the ocean’s past that may help us better prepare for the future of marine ecosystems.