The Achy Breaky Hearts Project on BCI

We are using sonic tomography, a non-invasive technology, to better assess tree and forest health. By sending sound waves into trees (essentially ultrasounds), we can quantify decay across time, environmental gradients, and tree species. We are quantifying fungal-caused internal decay of 1,400 living trees, representing 172 species, in the 50-ha ForestGEO plot on Barro Colorado Island (BCI). Because this study is centered on the most intensively studied tropical forest in the world, we can conduct a robust and in-depth exploration of potential relationships between internal decay and numerous biotic and abiotic factors.

The Growing Pains Project on BCI (English)

In this project (led by Blaine Martin), we are tracking Anacardium excelsum seedling density and culturing foliar fungal pathogens over the course of a year and across the wet and dry seasons. This project on Barro Colorado Island will allow us to assess the role disease and drought play in seedling mortality, as well as the intra- and inter-seasonal turnover of pathogen communities.

El proyecto Growing Pains en BCI (español)

En este proyecto (dirigido por Blaine Martin), estamos rastreando la densidad de plántulas de Anacardium excelsum y cultivando hongos patógenos foliares durante el transcurso de un año y durante las estaciones húmeda y seca. Esto proyecto en la isla de Barro Colorado nos permitirá evaluar el papel que juegan las enfermedades y la sequía en la mortalidad de las plántulas, así como la rotación intra e interestacional de las comunidades de patógenos.

Growing Pains BCI English

Growing Pains BCI Spanish