Eddy C Project CSAT3

About Eddy Covariance System

Data Collected STRI Panama Sites

BCI: In BCI there are five loggers: EC logger that records data from the Eddy Covariance system, Ozone logger that records ozone monitor data and 5 infrared sensors, Ava Sapflow logger that monitors 4 trees, Telecom Sapflowlogger that monitors 6 trees and Soil Ava logger that records soil data.

San Lorenzo: In SLZ there are two loggers: One Sapflow logger that records the data of 6 trees and another Soil_Sapflow logger that records the data of 2 trees and the soil sensors.

PNM: In Parque Natural Metropolitano  are one logger for Sapflow records the data of 11 trees and the soil sensors.

Instrumental load and acquisition systems:

The tower is instrumented with two separated systems. The basic meteorological sensors, which include solar radiation and PAR, temperature and relative humidity, rain tipping bucket, wind vane and propeller, are managed by the STRI physical monitoring. Data are acquired by a datalogger (CR1000, Campbell Scientific) and transmitted by radio to a STRI server. A separate system is dedicated to the acquisition of high frequency (10Hz) measurements of the three-axial wind components using a sonic anemometer (CSAT3m Campbell Scientific) and CO2/H2O concentrations using an infrared gas analyzer (Li-7500, Licor Bioscience). The system also includes a four components radiometer (CNR1, Kipp&Zonen), a direct/diffuse PAR sensor and five infrared thermometers formonitoring canopy temperature. Data are acquired on a CR1000 datalogger and transmitted to a PC located at the base of the tower.

Schematic illustration of the equipment mounted on the New AVA tower.

Additional equipment

The tower serves also a platform for other research programs, including an Ozone monitoring program, a thermal canopy monitoring (discontinued as for 3/5/2021) and a phenological monitoring.

Soil monitoring

This system remains at the old AVA location, about 80 m North of the new location and it includes 6 Time Domain Reflectometers (CS616, Cambell Scientific) , three installed vertically in 2012 and three installed horizontally and 10 cm, 40 cm, and 100 cm in 2016, three soil heat flux plates (HFTP01, Hukseflux). These sensors are acquired with a CR1000 datalogger and a multiplexer (AM16/32B).