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Edwin Cadena

Vertebrate Paleontology, particularly on molecular paleontology of turtles. Currently, I am characterizing and sequencing bone proteins in modern turtles, for which I am using biomolecular and immunological techniques, as well as mass spectrometry and advanced bone histology. Tracking back the potential preservation of biomolecules in turtle bone from 0 (present) to 160Ma (Early Cretaceous) will give us a better understanding of molecular evolutionary rates, trends in proteins degradation and modification in past time, as well as potential phylogenetic resolution, key for projects like TimeTree of Life. Part of my previous research has been focused on systematics, evolutionary history, paleobiogeography and paleobiology of neotropical turtles, trying to understand the response of tropical vertebrates to major climatic events during the Cenozoic, as well as their potential use as proxies for establishment of paleoclimate