Enel Green Power and Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute [STRI] have a Technical Scientific Cooperative Agreement that aims to coordinate efforts, resources and exchange of scientific knowledge oriented to achieve a better understanding of the flora, fauna, hydric resources, and other biological aspects relevant to the scientific management of the 19,500 ha Fortuna Forestry Reserve in the highlands of the province of Chiriquí, western Panama.

In support of these activities, STRI operates the forest research station “Centro de Investigaciones Jorge L. Arauz”. Research at the station began in the mid 1970’s in response to a call for greater knowledge and understanding of the possible impacts of the construction of the Edwin Fabrega (‘Fortuna’) Dam across the upper Chiriquí River, as well as the construction of an oil pipeline and highway from the Pacific coast, across the Fortuna catchment, and down to its terminal in Chiriquí Grande on the Caribbean coast.

Meteorological data have been systematically collected at the “Centro de Investigaciones Jorge L. Arauz” since 1997. Initially, the equipment consisted of an inexpensive U max/min thermometer and a plastic rain gauge. Later, the rain gauge was replace by a meteorological standard metal rain gauge. In Dec. of 2015, the equipment was upgraded with the installation of a standard instrument shelter, new high quality max/min thermometers, a hygrometer and a new rain gauge.

The station consists of two standard metal rain gauges, a max/min thermometer set, a dial hygrometer and the original ‘U’ max/min thermometer (which will be eliminated following a calibration period with the new thermometers).

Centro de Investigaciones Jorge L. Arauz

Location: 8°43’17.88″N, 82°14’15.10″W

All data and monthly summaries are available here


ParametersSensor ModelData
RainfallNovaLynx 260-2510 Standard Rain Gauge⬇️
Air TemperatureNovaLynx 210-4421 Min-Max Thermometer Set
HOBO® Water Temp Pro v2 – Clearing
HOBO® Water Temp Pro v2 – Tower
Relative Hum.NovaLynx 220-730 Dial Hygrometer⬇️
Solar RadiationKipp & Zonen CM3 and Sp Lite2 pyranometers⬇️
Sensor manuals in .pdf format are available for download here.

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