Panama Canal Authority

The Panama Canal Authority (Autoridad del Canal de Panamá – ACP), through its Meteorological and Hydrological Branch, has generously provided STRI with much of its meteorological and hydrological data. These data are made available to scientific community at no charge. However, we ask that any use of these data in publications should include the following acknowledgement: the Meteorology and Hydrology Branch, Panama Canal Authority, Republic of Panama.

These data are provided by STRI via a collaborative agreement with the Panama Canal Authority. STRI makes no claim about the accuracy or completeness of the data – they are provided on an ‘as is’ basis and STRI accepts no responsibility for errors and/or inaccuracies.

Any use or publication of these data should cite the Meteorological and Hydrological Branch of The Panama Canal Authority

A real-time radar image of the Panama Canal Area is available on the ACP’s website

For a summary of the most recent data collected, plus long-term averages report, please click bellow.

Canal Watershed Water Quality Program

The ACP maintains a water quality monitoring program in the Panama Canal Watershed. The ACP monitors approximately 30 variables at 40 stations throughout the watershed. Sampling is performed monthly.

The ACP published yearly reports (in Spanish) on their website. Also, STRI has been given permission to host the raw data which can be downloaded here.

For detailed information on the station and the parameters collected, please download this file.

Data Download

01. Precipitation: Stations A to C15 min⬇️
02. Precipitation: Stations D to J15 min⬇️
03. Precipitation: Stations K to Q15 min⬇️
04. Precipitation: Stations R to Z15 min⬇️
05. Meteorology Station: Agua salud15 min⬇️
06. Meteorology Station: Albrook15 min⬇️
07. Meteorology Station: Corozal15 min⬇️
08. Meteorology Station: Dos Bocas15 min⬇️
09. Meteorology Station: Flamenco15 min⬇️
10 .Meteorology Station: Gamboa15 min⬇️
11. Meteorology Station: Gasparillal15 min⬇️
12. Meteorology Station: Gatun West15 min⬇️
13. Meteorology Station: Humedad15 min⬇️
14. Meteorology Station: Jagua15 min⬇️
15. Meteorology Station: Limon Bay15 min⬇️
16. Meteorology Station: Tranquila15 min⬇️
17. Meteorology Station: Vistamares15 min⬇️
18. Meteorology Station: Rancheria15 min⬇️
19. Meteorology Station: Darieles15 min⬇️
20. Meteorology Station: Culebra15 min⬇️
Lake level15 min⬇️
River Discharge⬇️
Data is available for download here.

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