Punta Culebra

The Punta Culebra Nature Center (PCNC) is situated on Punta Culebra, in the area of Amador, just south of Panama City at the Pacific entrance of the Panama Canal. The PCNC occupies a territory of approximately 1 1/2 hectares and offers visitors an open-air museum focusing mainly on marine science and education, conservation and interpretation of marine coastal environments. In addition to the surrounding marine environment, the PCNC also has one of the few remain patches of tropical dry forest in the area.

The area of the PCNC experiences a 5-month long dry season during which only 100-200 mm can be expected. In addition, relative humidity, solar radiation, wind speed and direction all show marked wet/dry season differences. On the other hand, temperature varies relatively little throughout the year.

The station consists of a fully automated climate station recording oceanographic and meteorological data, including: Solar Radiation, Rain, Ocean Temperature, Tide and Wind Speed.

Panama Canal

Location: 8° 54’ 38.77” N, 79° 31’ 44.09” W

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ParametersSensor ModelTypeFileMethods
Temperature & RHCAMPBELL SCI. CS215Electronic⬇️⬇️
Solar RadiationLICOR LI200X PYRANOMETERElectronic⬇️⬇️
Wind Speed & DirectionYOUNG WIND MONITOR AQElectronic⬇️⬇️
Sensor manuals in .pdf format are available for download here.

Data Download

15 min⬇️
Relative Humidity
(max, min, average)
15 min⬇️
Solar Radiation Flux
(max, min, average)
15 min⬇️
(max, min, average)
15 min⬇️
Wind Direction (vect. mean, std. deviation)15 min⬇️
Wind Speed
(max, min, mean horiz speed)
15 min⬇️
Data is available for download here.

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