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Pollen and Spores of Barro Colorado Island


We, the makers of these plates for our book on pollen and spores of Barro Colorado Island, would like to give some working palynologists the chance to view them on line. They are also available for “cutting and pasting”, together with their names (see below).

If this helps to organize, classify and study these pollen and spore types, then we will have met our present goal- to make this information more accessible to all. We encourage users to inform us of any problems or suggestions concerning these photomicrographs. Their diagnostic traits and collection localities, along with keys, are available in the original book, published by the Missouri Botanical Garden in October, 1991.

[Please note that the names in brackets are, to our knowledge, the senior synonyms that should replace names given in T. Croat’s original book on the Flora of BCI]

David Ward Roubik
Jorge Enrique Moreno Patiño
La Ciudad de Panamá, marzo 2003