Bats & frogs game

Bats & frogs game
English version

Juego de murciélagos y ranas
Versión en español

Bats & frogs book

Thanks to amazing illustration and writing by artist Damond Kyllo with animation by Andrew Quitmeyer, the bat-frog book has come to life!

Print this book

Click here to see a pdf of the book. Or better yet, print one of your own! Follow these printing instructions. English and Spanish versions of the book are here:

Bats & frogs book
English version (title pagecenter pagethe rest of the pages)

Libro de murciélagos y ranas
Versión en español (página de títulopágina centralel resto de las páginas)


Learn about the incredible diversity of bats, the senses they use to navigate their environments, and their ingenious strategies for finding prey.