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Our Team

Dr. Rachel Collin

STRI Staff Scientist
Director, Bocas del Toro Research Station
As well as conducting research on marine invertebrate reproduction and development, Rachel Collin has been the director of the Bocas del Toro Research Station since 2002.

Links: Blog, ResearchGate, ​GoogleScholar

Tania Romero

Tania Romero
Laboratory Manager
Tania started in the Collin Lab in 2019.


Maycol Madrid

Research Assistant
While working on his thesis on cycads and preparing for graduate school, Maycol Madrid manages the logistics of the Bocas-ARTS program.

Links: ResearchGate

Recent Graduate Students

Alejandra Camargo-Cely

Combined effects of temperature, salinity and diet on the life history of Crepdiula cf. marginalis.
Master’s student at 
Technische Universität München, Germany

Dubi Vrdoljak

Seasonal differences in abundance and diversity of planktonic gastropods in the Bay of Panama.
​Masters student at ETH Zurich, Switzerland.

Ines Leal

Latitudinal patterns in invertebrate settlement and recruitment.
PhD student at the University of Quebec, Canada

Recent Postdoctoral Fellows

Dagoberto Venera Pontón

Discovering and documenting the diversity of tropical marine invertebrate larvae.
Links: ResearchGate

Noelle Lucey

The role of phenotypic plasticity and adaptation in marine ectotherm’s long-term persistence to increasingly warm and hypoxic coastal habitats

Links: GoogleScholar, ResearchGate

Tauana Cunha

Arriving at STRI in 2020

Undergraduate Thesis Students

Hannah Arlauskas

Northeastern Univ. Co-op student.
Project Title:  How does environmental stability impact the life history of Crepidula cf. marginalis?

Alexandra de Leon

International Maritime University
Thesis Title:  
Variaciones en la diversidad y abundancia de gasterópodos holoplanctónicos (Gastropoda: Pteropoda y Littorinimorpha) en relación a los parámetros fisicoquímicos durante las estaciones seca y lluviosa en el Golfo de Panamá

Maria Sanchez

University of Panama
Thesis Title:  Estructura y diversidad de la comunidad bentónica en Bahía Almirante, Bocas del Toro, Panamá

Visiting Fellows

​Jane Weinstock

​Fulbright Fellow
Currently: PhD student MIT-WHOI.
Project Title: How does hypoxia effect invertebrate larval abundance in a tropical bay?

Sophia Ly

Northeastern University Co-op
Project Title: How do temperature changes impact egg size of a marine snail?

Shaina Villalobos

Gap-year student
Project Title:  How do they spend their days?  Time budgets for the intertidal snail Nerita scabricosta.

Past Lab Members – what they are doing now?

STRI Fellows/Interns

Postdoctoral Fellows

Graduate Students