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The Naos Island Laboratories, are located on an island connected to the mainland by a causeway near the Pacific entrance of the Panama Canal, contain an extensive seawater system for research on marine organisms, a well-equipped molecular biological research facility, and laboratories for both marine and archaeological research. Extensive rocky intertidal shores, cobble and sand beaches, tidal mud flats and estuarine habitats are within easy reach. There is a fully equipped dive locker and several small boats allowing access to the coast and islands in the Bay of Panama.

How to activate STRI's Emergency Response Plan?

Call 212-8911 or 212-8211
Radio “Garita”
(STRI’s HQ’s Security Post)

Provide the following information:

  • Name
  • Location
  • Assistance Needed
  • Call-back Information

Incident Commanders

  • Anibal Velarde
    (212-8718; 6507-7139)
  • Rubén Gall
    (212-8781; 6704-4209; 6151-3420)

Meeting Places

  • Primary meeting place: Parking area between buildings 359 and 352
  • Secondary meeting place: Outside Building 356

Areas of Refuge

  • General: Internal hallways in all buildings away from windows, Bunker # 1 and Bunker # 2
  • Bldg. 356: Mail Room
  • Bldg. 359: So-Low Room

Portable Defibrillation Machine

Naos 356 Mail Room

Additional Security and Safety Information

In addition to the security information on Panama in general and STRI’s security and safety policies, the following specifics apply to the Naos Marine Laboratories:

  • Swimming – Swimming around the Amador Causeway is not allowed by STRI due to heavily polluted waters, dangerous fauna and strong underwater currents.
  • Medical facilities are available in Panama City with full capabilities for emergencies. For any medical emergency, call 212-8911 or 212-8211. First aid kits are located every floor.
  • Water situation – Water at the station is safe to drink as in the rest of Panama City.
  • Dangerous fauna – Consult with the station administrators about any dangerous fauna that could be encountered.
  • Security and Safety resources – The Station has two private security guards 24 hrs/day, 365 days/year, a fire alarm system, potable water, emergency generator, first aid equipment, communication via Internet, wired telephone lines and GPS-SPOT for emergency use.
  • Criminal activities in the area – Amador Causeway is a popular tourist area and offers an active night life. The main types of security related incidents that have been reported: car break-ins, robbery, burglary, purse snatching and pick pocketing.
  • Weather threats – Strong wind storms, thunderstorms, lighting storms, tsunami. For thunderstorms follow the 30/30 Rule for lightening – Find shelter is there is less than 30 seconds between lighting and thunder. Wait at least 30 minutes after hearing the last thunder before going out again.

Emergency Information

  • STRI Headquarters Security Guard Booth
    212-8911 / 212-8211

    (from Naos Marine Laboratories phones dial 28911 or 28211)
  • Incident Commanders