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Principal Investigators

Dr. Rachel Collin

Director, Bocas del Toro Research Station (BRS)
Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute
Systematics of calyptraeid gastropods; invertebrate life histories; larval biology

CollinLab webpage
BRS webpage

Dr. Suzanne Fredericq

Professor, University of Louisiana at Lafayette
Systematics of red seaweeds; Gulf of Mexico; molecular systematics

Suzanne’s Seaweeds webpage 

Dr. Robert W. Thacker

Professor, Stony Brook University
Systematics and evolution of sponges; symbiosis; evolutionary ecology

ThackerLab webpage

Dr. Maria Pia Miglietta

Assistant Professor, Texas A&M University
Systematics and evolution of hydroids; life history evolution

MigliettaLab webpage

Dr. Rosana Rocha

Professor, Universidade Federal do Paraná, Brazil
Systematics and evolution of tunicates; invasive species; life history evolution

RochaLab Webpage 

Dr. Estefania Rodriguez

Associate Curator, American Museum of Natural History
Taxonomy and phylogeny of sea anemones; deep sea biology; polar biology; life history evolution

RodriguezLab webpage

Dr. Svetlana Maslakova

Dr. Svetlana Maslakova
Associate Professor, Oregon Institute of Marine Biology
Systematics of nemerteans; Evo-Devo; larval biology; microscopy

MaslakovaLab webpage

Scientific Illustrator

Meghan Rock

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