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Bocas ARTS PI, Dr. Maria Pia Maglietta has developed a number of tools for training in hydrozoan identification, systematics, and taxonomy. These tools include a series of How-To videos, an illustrated multilingual glossary of terms, and downloadable protocols. Scroll down to see what is available now.

How-To Videos on Methods in Hydrozoan Taxonomy and Systematics

Why Study hydrozoans

How to collect Hydrozoans

Video Transcript

How to Preserve Hydroids

Video Transcript

How to explant polyps

Video Transcript

Observing nematocysts

Video Transcript

Glossary, Ontology and other Tools

TaxaGloss is a translation tool and illustrated glossary of technical terms for the study of biodiversity. Click here to enter TaxaGloss and choose Hydrozoa to access terms used in the study of hydrozoans.