Lepinars are biweekly seminars by Lepidoptera researchers from different parts of the world: Colombia, England, Finland, France, Germany, Netherlands, Panama, Puerto Rico, Sweden, Switzerland and USA. We meet via Zoom at 10AM EST zone.

Contact Joana MeierGabriela Montejo-Kovacevich or Luca Livraghi if you wish to be added to the seminar email list. 


Dec 12, 2022Historical biogeography and macroevolution of neotropical butterfliesPavel Matos
(Czech Academy of Sciences, CZ)
Nov 28, 2022 Chromosome evolution and speciation in Brenthis fritillary butterfliesAlex McKintosh
(U of Edinburgh, UK)
Nov 14, 2022 TBANicol Rueda (Un del Rosario, CO)
Oct 31, 2022TBAChristine Merlin (Texas A&M, US)
Oct 17, 2022TBAPeter Nguyen (U of South Bohemia)
0ct 03, 2022Evolutionary dynamics of genome size and content during the adaptive radiation of Heliconiini butterfliesFrancesco Cicconardi (U Bristol, UK)
Sep 19, 2022The Danaus W chromosome and Bombyx testes single-cell transcriptomicsJaime Walters
Sep 5, 2022Pheromones as reproductive barriers in the Heliconiini radiationBruna Cama (U York, UK)
Jun 13, 2022The cis-regulatory architecture of butterfly’s wing pattern groundplanAnyimilehidi Mazo-Vargas, (George Washington U, US)
May 16, 2022Exploring the regulatory role of bric-a-brac in maintaining structural and color pattern integrity in nymphalid butterfliesMartik Chatterjee (Cornell U, US)
Apr 4, 2022The genetic basis and evolutionary significance of sex pheromone variation in mothsAstrid Groot (U of Amsterdam, NL)
Mar 21, 2022Hybridization to extinction revisited: gene flow across species boundaries as biotic resistanceJeremy Andersen (U of Massachusetts Amherst, US)
Mar 7, 2022Examining the maintenance of polymorphism in aposematism: lessons from a ‘non-model’ model systemSwanne P Gordon (Washington U in St. Louis, US)
Feb 21, 2022The ecology of complex polymorphismJohanna Mappes (U Helsinki, FI)
Feb 7, 2022The evolution of complex wing-pattern supergenes in Danaus butterfliesRishi De-Kayne (U of Edinburgh, UK)
Jan 24, 2022Evolutionary trade-offs between male secondary sexual traits revealed by a phylogeny of the hyperdiverse tribe Eumaeini (Lepidoptera: Lycaenidae)Wendy Valencia-Montoya (Harvard U, US)
Jan 10, 2022Lepidoptera phylogenomics and the uses of museomicsNiklas Wahlberg (Lund U, SE)


Dec 13, 2021Historical biogeography from a supertree of Nymphalidae butterflies and a macroevolutionary perspective on the evolution of mimicry in the tribe Ithomiini Nicolas Chazot (University of Agricultural Sciences, SE) 
Nov 15, 2021 The evolution of chromosome structure in Lepidoptera Charlotte Wright (Wellcome Sanger Institute, UK) 
Nov 1, 2021 The scent chemistry of Heliconius Stefan Schulz (TU Braunschweiz, DE) 
Oct 18, 2021Hard to catch: experimental evidence supports evasive mimicryErika Páez (CNRS, FR)
Sep 20, 2021Dissecting the ecological, evolutionary, life-history and molecular influencers of cyanogenic chemical defense variation in Heliconius eratoAnniina Mattila (U Helsinki, FI)
Jul 12, 2021Mechanisms underlying behavioral variation in Heliconius and Bicyclus butterfliesErica Westerman (U of Arkansas, US)
Jun 28, 2021Full likelihood analysis of divergence and introgression in the erato-sara group of HeliconiusYuttapong Thawornwattana (Harvard U, US)
Jun 14, 2021The big and the small of it: Comparing complete, diploid assemblies of vulnerable and common butterfly species exhibiting dramatic genome size variationMahul Chakraborty (UC Irvine, US)
Jun 7, 2021When species meet again – secondary contact zones of Erebia butterfliesKay Lucek (U Basel, CH)
May 17, 2021Genetics of sexually dimorphic UV on Dogface wingsBrian Counterman (Auburn U, US)
May 10, 2021Mushroom body expansion in Heliconius butterfliesStephen Montgomery (U Bristol, UK)
Apr 19, 2021Speciation genomics in North American Colias butterfliesJoe Hanly (George Washington U, US)
Mar 22, 2021Formation, reformation and deformation of structural barriers to gene flow in Danaus butterfliesSimon Martin (U Edinburgh, UK)
Mar 8, 2021Selection and isolation define a heterogeneous divergence landscape between hybridizing Heliconius butterfliesSteven van Belleghem (U Puerto Rico, PR)
Feb 22, 2021Pheromones in Heliconius butterflies: Chemical ecology, genetics and behaviourKathy Darragh (U Davis, US)
Feb 8, 2021The evolution of supergenes: insight from mimicry polymorphism in Heliconius numataPaul Jay (CNRS, FR)
Jan 25, 2021Convergent morphology and divergent phenology: unravelling the coexistence of mimetic Morpho butterfly speciesCamille Le Roy (Institute of Systematic, Evolution and Biodiversity, FR)


Dec 14, 2020Adaptive diversification of red wing color patterns in Heliconius erato James Lewis (U Cornell, US) 
Nov 30, 2020 Flight and wing shape in the HeliconiiniLucie Quest (U York, UK / LMU, DE) 
Nov 16, 2020A Flock of Genomes: New and revised genomic resources for 58 species of HeliconiiniFrancesco Cicconardi (U Bristol, UK)
Nov 2, 2020Heliconius mating behaviours affected by light environment during early stages of divergenceAlexander Hausmann (LMU, DE)
Oct 19, 2020 Local adaptation in Heliconius butterflies (beyond mimicry)Gabriela Montejo-Kovacevich (U Cambridge, UK)
Oct 5, 2020Genetics of visual mate preference in Heliconius butterfliesMatteo Rossi (LMU, DE)
Sep 21, 2020Phenotypic plasticity in chemical defence allows butterflies to diversify host use strategiesErika Pinheiro-de-Castro (U Cambridge, UK)
Sep 7, 2020Heliconiini butterflies can learn time-dependent reward associationsWyatt Toure (McGill U, US / STRI, PA)
Aug 3, 2020Importance of environmental variables in the distribution and natural hybridization of Heliconius butterfliesNicol Rueda (Un del Rosario, CO)
Jul 20, 2020The molecular basis of hybrid female sterility in Heliconius pardalinus subspeciesNate Edelman (Harvard U, US)
Jul 6, 2020The genetics and evolution of structural colour in Heliconius butterfliesMelanie Brien (U Sheffield / U Cambridge, UK)
Jun 22, 2020Population genomics of large mimetic radiationsChris Kozak (STRI, PA)
Jun 8, 2020QTL for potential wing and genital pheromone compounds show clustering across the genomeKelsey Byers (U Cambridge, UK)
May 25, 2020Investigation of wing pattern mutants in a domesticated population of Heliconius melpomeneJoe Hanly (George Washington U, US)
May 11, 2020The gene cortex controls scale colour identity in HeliconiusLuca Livraghi (U Cambridge, UK)