Agraulis vanillae

Habits: common. Can be seen flying alone or in groups in gardens, pastures and grasslands.

Distribution: USA to Paraguay.


Habits: common in disturbed forests and urban areas. Usually found in sunny areas along rivers and forest edges.

Distribution: Mexico to Paraguay.


Habits: very common. Present on trails and disturbed open areas near the Panama Canal.

Distribution: South USA to South America.


Habits: normally flying at canopy level.

Distribution: Mexico to Amazon Basin & in West Indies


Habits: they roost in groups at night to protect from predators.

Distribution: Neotropics & Texas

Heliconius cydno

Habits: common in forest interior at canopy height.

Distribution: Neotropics.

Heliconius doris

Habits: Blue morph is rare. Found in forest edges and gardens at low and mid-elevations.

Distribution: Neotropics.

Heliconius erato

Habits: also known as red postman. Very common, found in forest edges.

Distribution: Neotropics.

Heliconius hecale

Habits: found in forest edges and pastures at lowlands.

Distribution: Neotropics.

Heliconius sapho

Habits: common in forest interior at canopy height.

Distribution: Neotropics.

Heliconius sara

Habits: very common in forest interior and edges.

Distribution: Neotropics.

Lycorea halia

Habits: also known as tropical milkweed butterfly. Found in secondary tropical rainforest.

Distribution: Mexico to Peru.

Morpho helenor

Habits: commonly found in primary forest.

Distribution: South West Mexico to Bolivia.

Parides erithalion

Habits: found in gaps and shady spaces of forest border.

Distribution: Mexico to Argentina.

Parides sesostris

Habits: very common. Found in edges of trails.

Distribution: Mexico to Bolivia.

Philaethria dido

Habits: very common and quick flyer. Mostly found in canopy.

Distribution: Mexico to Brazil.

Tithorea tarricina

Habits: usually found in forest edges in lowlands and mountain slopes.

Distribution: Neotropics.

Tithorea harmonia

Habits: found in understory light gaps or open areas near streams.

Distribution: Mexico to Brazil.