The activities developed for the Adrienne Arsht Community-Based Resilience Solutions Initiative are based on the cross-cutting theme of:

Adaptation as a pathway to resilience for people and nature 


In a partnership between the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute (STRI) and the National Museum of Natural History (NMNH), through the Resilience and Sustainability Fellowship, the Smithsonian seeks to support post-doctoral fellows to conduct independent research that aligns with the Smithsonian’s goals to understand and expand resilience of people and nature. These fellows will be able to leverage the Smithsonian’s resources, including its scientists, collections, exhibits, and data sets, to advance scientific understanding of resilience and sustainability. 


The Smithsonian has the power to look intersectionally at current issues, connecting across arts, history, science, and culture. In collaboration with strategic partners, the Initiative will serve as a robust platform for global engagement around resilience and sustainability to uncover local and regional solutions that will ensure a more resilient future for all.


STRI and the Smithsonian Science Education Center (SSEC) will work collaboratively to develop and disseminate education resources on climate and ecosystem resilience. These resources are fully bilingual English and Spanish learning tools for middle and high school age learners. To magnify the reach of the Initiative’s research, the team will develop stories on Women & Climate Resilience, implement teacher professional development with educators in the United States and Panama, create fixed and mobile exhibits in Panama and engage learners through education programs to inspire the next generation of leaders around global resilience.


We are hiring staff and developing key partnerships across the Smithsonian to build a Resilience Team with a deep understanding of community-based solutions and a commitment to working across disciplines to support a more resilient world.


We are launching an interactive, virtual and in-person campaign across Smithsonian’s units and museums to engage with young adults and explore the different interpretations of the concept of resilience, by connecting their lived experiences with art, history, science and communities, and helping them develop their ability to navigate challenges and respond with intention. 

Join us in creating a more inclusive world