Current Programs


Smithsonian Bird Friendly® is a certification and research program that promotes biodiversity conservation in tropical agricultural landscapes. For over 20 years, Bird Friendly® has served as the environmental gold standard for coffee and cocoa agriculture. Certified farms provide high quality habitat to birds and other wildlife by conserving native shade trees and forest patches. Through the certification, these farms are able to access specialty markets and price premiums for their crops. Because of the growing standards, the Bird Friendly program is also a critical asset in fighting climate change.

The Smithsonian Bird Friendly program is part of the Smithsonian National Zoo and Conservation Biology Institute (NZCBI) and STRI.


The Smithsonian’s Marine and Island Resilience program aims to develop and implement a robust, comprehensive socio-ecological framework to collect, analyze, integrate, and utilizeinformation on the health of the people and ecosystems from across key coastal and ocean regions, starting with the Eastern Tropical Pacific (ETP), the Caribbean, and the Pacific Islands regions. These coastal and island regions represent critical, interconnected areas for conservation solutions to threats such as climate change, loss of biodiversity, unsustainable and illegal fishing, declining resource access and availability, and more. Driven by two-way partnerships and led by local champions, the program seeks to fully understand the regional socio-ecological systems where human activities affect marine resources and vice versa.  The program also strives to build connections between local leaders, scientists, and practitioners within these regions to elevate learning and collaboration around employing this information for locally-driven solutions.

The Marine Resilience Program, via a combined focus on science, shared capacity, and amplifying local leadership, will assemble the data and skills necessary to be leveraged by all parties to drive effective, equitable, and just implementation of conservation and climate solutions efforts in the region, to support resilient coastal communities and healthy marine environments.