We opened Casa de Domo!

A butterfly house where we can share knowledge and inspire conservation for these amazing animals and their habitats. There are many incredible and interesting projects happening in our lab, and we are excited to have a space where we can share our insights with the community. This new exhibition will connect scientists with a wider … Continued

Let’s play Memometic!

Scientists from the National Museum of Natural History in France, and their colleagues, created a game based on the interactions between tropical butterflies and their bird predators. These creative researchers collaborated in this incredible citizen science project to obtain information on how we perceive the color patterns of butterflies. The participants play the role of … Continued

Heliconius research on the news!

Our Postdoc, Carolina Concha, was interviewed by La Estrella daily newspaper, to talk about her research on wing color patterns. Dr. Concha and her research team have been studying the genes that control for the diverse patterns and colors found in Heliconius butterflies’ wings. She explains how these butterflies use their wing color patterns as … Continued

Profiled at JEZ-B!

Our Postdoc, Joe Hanly, talks about his scientific with the Journal of Experimental Zoology Part B. Dr. Joe Hanly has been studying wing patterning genetics of butterflies for the past five years. But his fascination for genetics began since his childhood. Read the full article here to find out more. JEZ-B provides a forum to … Continued