Khao Chong

Insect Laboratory

The Khao Chong Insect Laboratory of the ForestGEO Arthropod Initiative, is located at the Khao Chong Botanical Garden, Trang Province, South of Thailand. The Insect Laboratory is mainly dedicated to monitoring insect populations at the Khao Chong Forest Dynamics Plot. This research program represents one of the very few examples of long-term monitoring of wild insect populations in Thailand. These pages document the research activities of the staff of the Khao Chong Insect Laboratory, as well as the incredible insect diversity observed at Khao Chong. 

Insect Collection at Khao Chong

17 focal groups

220 drawers

+2,500 species

ca 37,000 pinned specimens

ca 12,000 specimens in alcohol




ca 37,000

ca 12,000

Focal Groups


Total Species

Pinned Specimens

Specimens in Alcohol

The Forest Global Earth Observatory is a global network of forest research sites dedicated to advancing long-term study of the world’s forests. The research site of Khao Chong includes a 24 ha Forest Dynamics Plot, where all free-standing trees with a trunk diameter of at least 1 cm are tagged, measured, and identified to species. These and other data are crucial for our insect monitoring program. 

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Researchers, students and schools are welcome to visit our insect collection. Also, we welcome collaborations of any kind, including non-paid volunteers.