Montarika Promchaisri (Tim)

Head of insect laboratory 


Yves Basset

PI Panama Insect project 

Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute, Panama


Volunteer Requirements

A volunteer is needed to help with the Arthropod Initiative of the Forest Global Earth Observatory Network at Khao Chong in Southern Thailand, near Trang. He or she would need to help a crew of six Thai assistants obtaining insect samples in the permanent rainforest plot of Khao Chong using established protocols, sorting insect focal groups, processing and identifying them as far as possible, databasing the resulting information and organizing local insect collections. In particular, he or she would help in preparing insect specimens for DNA extraction. Ideally, the volunteer would have strong interests in entomology/forestry/agriculture, an ability to work in remote and challenging situations in the field, as well as a willingness to communicate patiently in reasonably fluent English with Thai assistants. The position is available immediately and for a duration of at least two months (shorter periods of volunteering are unsuitable). Basic accommodation at the laboratory will be provided. If interested, please contact us via previous emails.