ForestGEO Arthropod Database 

Local application is 100% operative and used by several sites. The web application (mirror site) is on-line. The mirror site includes records from Barro Colorado Island, Khao Chong and Wanang. It is updated irregularly. 

Insect Collection at Khao Chong

17 focal groups

220 drawers

+2,500 species

ca 37,000 pinned specimens

ca 12,000 specimens in alcohol

Researchers, students and schools are welcome to visit our insect collection. Please contact us.

Molecular Data

2,071 specimens sequenced for DNA barcoding hosted by BOLD


KHCPY – Pyraloidea 

KHCAR – Arctiinae 

KHCGE – Geometridae 

KHCMO – Other moths 

KHCBT – Butterflies 

KHCTE – Tephritidae 

KHCFO – Formicidae 

KHCSP – Seed predators 

KHCIS – Isoptera 

We can give you access to these data. Please contact us.