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People have learned to depend on the rainforest products. Both the people of the rainforest and the people living in other areas. Many products we depend upon are part of our everyday existence: bananas, coffee, and woods, for example. But the rainforest provides far more. In the United States one-quarter of prescription drugs contain a natural compound, often from the rainforest. Through careful harvesting these products are obtainable without harming the rainforest. Below is a listing of the many rainforest products.

Tropical Forest Product List


Commonly used woods include:

  • teak balsa
  • mahogany sandalwood
  • rosewood

Tropical forest woods are used for:

  • doors garden furniture
  • doorframes packing cases and boxes
  • windowsills insulation
  • flooring general construction
  • subflooring railroad ties
  • paneling wharf pilings
  • vener boat building
  • cabinetry chemical vats
  • joinery buoyancy material
  • dresser drawers drawing boards
  • salad bowls toys


  • allspice cinnamon paprika
  • black pepper cloves sesame seeds
  • cardamon ginger tumeric
  • cayanne mace vanilla
  • chili nutmeg


  • avocado guava orange
  • banana jackfruit papaya
  • breadfruit lemon passion fruit
  • coconut lime pineapple
  • durian mango plantain
  • grapefruit mangosteen rambutan

Vegetables and seeds

  • brazil nuts mayonnaise (coconut oil)
  • cane sugar okra
  • cashwe nuts peanuts
  • chayote peppers
  • chocolate soft drinks (cola)
  • coffee tree ivory artwork
  • cucumber (from tagua nuts)
  • heart of palm tea
  • macadamia nuts vermouth (cascarilla oil)
  • manioc/tapioca

Pharmaceuticals (partial list)

  • Annatto (red dye)
  • Curare (muscle relaxant for surgery)
  • Diosgenin (sex hormones, birth control pills, steroids, asthma, and arthritis treatment)
  • Quassia (insecticide)
  • Quinine (anti-malarial, pneumonia treatment)
  • Resperine (sedative, tranquilizer)
  • Strophanthus (heart disease)
  • Strychnine (emetic, stimulant)
  • Tuba root (rotenone, flea dip)


  • bamboo (furniture, baskets)
  • jute/kenaf (rope, burlap)
  • kapok (insulation, soundproofing, life jackets)
  • raffia (rope, cord, baskets)
  • ramie (cotton-ramie fabric, fishing line)
  • rattan (furniture, wickerwork, baskets, chair seats)