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Where do sharks live?

Sharks inhabit all the world’s oceans, including the polar areas. We can find sharks from coastal zones such as estuariesbayscoral reefs and mangroves , all the way to the open ocean. ). Some shark species (e.g. Bull Shark) can even enter freshwaters! Sharks swim in the ocean searching for food.  Farther from the polar areas, the seas become more productive, thus greatly enhancing sharks’ food supply. That doesn’t mean that they live mostly in warm water. In some areas near the equator, cold, nutrient-rich water carried by ocean currents wells up from the deep. Most shark species are distributed circumglobally, which means around the world; as an example we have the Great White Shark and the Whale Shark. However, some species, the Caribbean Reef Shark or the Snaggletooth Shark, are restricted to certain areas.